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LB Premium
60 capsules

LB Premium

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A powerful Prebiotic and Probiotic

Quality-assured by Fondation Kousmine, Switzerland


Immune system: Allergies, Irritable bowel, Coeliac problems, Hyperpermeable bowel
Digestive system: Diarrhea, Candida, Vaginal infections, Medication use, Stomach hygiene
Cellular effect: Small intestine epithelia, Digestive mucous membranes

LB PREMIUM is free of live bacteria, which makes it radically different from standard flora products (probiotic flora substitutes). This makes it safer and easier to use.

LB PREMIUM is formulated with a proprietary ingredient: LB Active Substances. This compound has many beneficial properties associated with the strain used: LB-Strain Lactobacillus acidophilus. LB Strain is a natural strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus found in the normal resident microflora. Isolated in 1907 by Doctor Pierre Boucard, LBstrain (Lactobacillus Boucard) is preserved at Pasteur Institute, which guarantees its stability as well as the continuity of its biochemical and genetic characteristics (no contact with antibiotic substances, no mutation). LB Strain’s unique properties, which have been demonstrated by many high-standard international studies (Medline publications), inspired the development of a new generation of active principles intended for the digestive ecosystem: LB Active Substances, or Actibiotics.

LB Active Substances combine thermostabilized LB-Strain Lactobacillus acidophilus with their fermented culture medium. This “thermostable LB bacteria + active metabolites” combination has a prebiotic, antimicrobic, immunological and cellular effect. It will not upset the balance of each individual’s intestinal flora.

LB PREMIUM acts favourably to fortify the entire intestinal flora and to fight dysbiosis: bacterial overgrowth, candida, etc. As a modulator of the immune system, it contributes to the effectiveness of natural defences. It improves digestive functions, from stomach to colon, which allows better assimilation of nutriments as well as regularized digestion.

LB PREMIUM helps to restore and strengthen the intestinal wall, preventing abnormal migration of harmful substances (macromolecules, toxins, infectious agents, etc.) through the gut wall (hyperpermeable bowel). It protects and regenerates the intestinal mucous membrane, thanks to its specific cellular effect on small intestine. Finally, LB PREMIUM helps to fight against food intolerances.


Preventive Effect: LB ACTIVE SUBSTANCES protect digestive mucous membranes against harmful germs, thanks to the very strong adhesive properties of the LB strain. These properties persist after heat stabilization. LB ACTIVE SUBSTANCES strengthen the barrier effect.

Repairing Effect: LB ACTIVE SUBSTANCES are heat-stable principles that directly and durably restore digestive mucous membranes. Many factors may impair digestive mucous membranes: food intolerances and allergies, lack of fibers, improper mastication, bad food combinations, chronic disease, infections, stress, medication (antibiotics, antacids, anti-inflammatories, etc.) and irritating substances: alcohol, caffeine, additives, cow milk, refined sugar, trans fat, wheat gluten, animal products (meat = acidity), overindulgence in fermented foods (bread, cheese, cold cuts). These factors cause a deep cellular disorganization and a local inflammation. These changes lead to hyperpermeability of mucous membranes, with a decrease in the absorption and elimination capacities of the body.


Lactobacillus acidophilus – 68 mg (Fermented culture medium – 32 mg; Monohydrate lactose – 20 mg; Heat-stabilized bacteria – 14 mg; Calcium carbonate – 2 mg) (Active LB strain).


The natural alternative for suffers of digestive discomfort who have been on medication for an extended period of time. 

2 to 10 capsules per day, distributed over the day (ideally 30 min before or 2½ h after a meal).
Use for 1 to 3 months, or as advised by your health care practitioner.

SIZE:  60 vegetable capsules

Store at room temperature.

NPN: 80038865


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