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Three Signs that you Need to Make Healthy Changes

Our health is something that many of us have forgotten how to truly value.  With so many pressures and life demands, it’s no secret that we’ve started to ignore our bodies.  We consider it a badge of honor to push through fatigue, illness, and obvious signs that we may need to slow down.  A healthy body is a key component to a healthy mind, and it’s time that we began treating our bodies as an obligation rather than an afterthought.

With the huge push for processed foods and convenience, we’ve also severely neglected our nutrition.  Eating healthy is very important, but it can be difficult when you’re constantly on the run.  Healthy foods have also become more and more expensive, and this is just one more roadblock on the path to a healthy lifestyle.  

Dietary supplements can help to fill the gaps when they are taken in appropriate ways. Talking to your doctor and a nutritionist can help you to understand what you may be lacking in your diet.  This can also have a huge impact on the way that you feel. You can pick up some of the vitamins and dietary supplements from your local drugstores, but the best varieties are generally available when you order supplements online. Here are some of the common signs our bodies send when we need to make some changes:

1.  Fatigue and Daytime Drowsiness

Feeling more tired than usual?  If you find yourself nodding off in front of your computer at work or taking involuntary naps while watching your favorite program- you may not be getting enough sleep.  This is an incredibly common problem.  Our schedules demand that we stay busy from the time that we crawl out of bed until the time that we finally crawl back into it.  The physical and mental stress you put on yourself needs to be equaled out by time you devote to relaxing and sleeping.  Try going to bed an hour earlier, and understand that “me” time has got to be a priority.  When you neglect your body, it’s not going to keep working the way that you need it to.  Try dedicating a few minutes every hour to meditation or to just stepping away from the stress.  This can make a huge difference in your ability to disengage and recharge at the end of the day!

2.  Excessive Thirst

Staying hydrated is extremely important to our physical well-being.  Our bodies are constantly losing water through sweat, urine, breathing, tears, and other ways.  We need to make sure to replenish this supply regularly with actual water.  Trying to replace water with soda, coffee, or other designer drinks can actually make dehydration worse.  Caffeine can dehydrate us, and many drinks contain sodium.  If your thirst persists in spite of being adequately hydrated, seek help from a medical professional.  This can be a symptom of diabetes and other medical disorders.

3.  Changes in Weight

Weight is a direct indicator of our diet.  If you are eating more calories than you are burning on a daily basis- you’re going to gain weight.  Bodybuilders can also gain weight as they build muscle and increase their overall mass, but weight gain from fat can be a real problem.  Obesity causes additional stress on the heart, joints, endocrine system, and respiratory system.  In other words: It’s really bad news for your health.  If the needle on the scale is consistently creeping up, it’s a sign that you need to take control of your diet and add some exercise.  Sudden weight gain and loss can also indicate serious medical problems, and you should consult with your doctor.

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