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The Second Brain

Have you ever heard that the body’s second brain is the gut? This question alone just highlights how important it is to have and maintain a healthy digestive system. It can be difficult to keep a balance in your gut because of the wide range of things that can affect the digestive system and cause digestive issues. A wide range of other health issues can be caused by an unhealthy gut like mental and brain health. However, it is possible through maintaining a healthy life style, eating nutritious foods, and taking supplements.

The gut contributes to a person’s mood, libido, energy levels, and creativity. In addition, the digestive system impacts the immune response, the regulation of hormones, the elimination of toxins, proper absorption of vitamins and minerals, the creation of vitamins, and proper digestion of course. There has been scientific evidence that suggests that poor gut health contributes to anxiety. Despite all of the things that the digestive tract directly affects it still tends to be overlooked. It is important to introduce good bacteria into the gut because it defines our overall health, reestablishes the normal flora, increases the quality of life, and mends long term exposure to issues related to the digestive tract.

Good bacteria can be introduced, as mentioned before, through foods and supplements. The best way to ensure you are getting exactly what your gut needs is by taking a daily probiotic supplement. Foods that are fermented like yogurt or dairy products, vegetables, and mushrooms are suggested to be natural probiotics that one can consume in addition to a supplement. Due to their benefits and increased popularity they can even be found in chocolate.

If you are being introduced to the concept of probiotics for the first time then I will explain what they are. They care considered to be live bacteria that are good for the digestive system because they help maintain the overall health of the gut. We all have good bacteria found in our body that helps keep a balance between the bad bacteria that can cause illness. Probiotics help replace the good bacteria when it is lost. An example of how the balance of bacteria in our gut can be affected is through the consumption of antibiotics.

On top of keeping a balance in the gut, good bacteria aides the food you eat through the digestive tract. Taking probiotics on a regular basis has helped treat some common issues like: diarrhea caused by antibiotics, diarrhea caused by a virus or bad bacteria, irritable bowel syndrome, and inflammatory bowel disease. Some studies suggest that they have also helped in relieving skin conditions, maintain a healthy urinary tract system, maintain vaginal health, prevention from allergies and colds, and can contribute to good oral health.  

There are two most common types of strains: lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Lactobacillus has been linked to prevention of vaginal infections. Bifidobacterium has been proven to help with symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. There are endless benefits why it is critical to add probiotics from natural and supplemental sources. In order to ensure that the probiotics that are being consumed are effectively working for you then it is also a wise choice to add prebiotics. Prebiotics are non-living dietary fiber that acts a food source for probiotics. Just like probiotics, prebiotics can be found in food sources and supplements. Prebiotics can naturally be found in garlic, onions, artichokes, leeks, and asparagus through the form inulin. Inulin is the most common and has the ability to stay unbroken until it is further along in the gut where the good bacterium uses it as food.

Natural pre and probiotics are a great way to get the health of your second brain, the gut, back on track. I recommend Online Natural Health to get you started.     

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